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Legal Requirements

Every state and country has it’s own adoption guidelines and these regulations differ greatly on the termination of parental rights and adoption process. The services offered by adoption organizations will also be different depending on the organization.  State governments offer adoption services whereby your parental rights are terminated through a Human Services Department.  In Louisiana the Office of Child Safety is the administering division.  These are often closed adoptions.

There are certain things that must be done in order for an adoption to be legal.   One is a requirement for mental health counseling for the birth mother.  This is to ensure she understands what she is doing and what some of the effects may be as well as what her rights are, before and after the adoption.  This should always be performed by a licensed counselor who has experience in adoption and grief counseling.   Another requirement is that at least one parent, preferably both, sign an act of voluntary surrender. This document transfers custody of the child to the adoption organization. This document is irrevocable, meaning it cannot be taken back after it is signed.  Another requirement is that there be a waiting period between the birth of a child and execution of the act of surrender. This is to give birth parents time to consider the permanency of their decision.

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