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Free pregnancy resourcesHow do I know the child will go to a good family?

Acorn Adoption encourages you to choose the family for your baby. All families certified for adoption go through an intensive study of their background and family life. Investigations are initiated regarding criminal history and a physical examination must be performed by a medical doctor. These families are asked to compile profiles with pictures of their home life and activities that they enjoy. When a parent or guardian of a child who is considering adoption comes in, several profiles are made available and the birth parent is encouraged to select an adoptive family. A birthmother may also request her caseworker to choose a family. Acorn Adoption will help plan the level of contact by arrange phone calls, visits, and correspondence with the adoptive resource.

What happens to the child after s/he is born?

Normally, the child is released to a representative of Acorn Adoption or directly to the adoptive couple. All attempts are made to refrain from using foster care. Acorn Adoption stresses your participation in planning your stay in the hospital. For example, you determine if you want to see, hold, or feed the child. You determine whether the adoptive family comes to the hospital and the amount of contact they have with you and the child.

Acorn Adoption wants you to feel in control of the process and encourages you to talk with us about your needs.

Do I have to have counseling?

Most states require a birth mother to have at least two sessions of counseling with a licensed individual prior to surrendering a child for adoption. It is during the counseling sessions that we will help you explore your feelings about the adoption process and help you plan for your hospital stay. While the state only requires two sessions, you are free to take advantage of as many sessions of counseling you feel you need. In addition, we also provide post-placement counseling for no charge which may be extended indefinitely.

What about my medical bills?

Should you decide to place a newborn through Acorn Adoption, all medical bills incurred for the pregnancy, for you and the child, will be covered by the adoptive couple or public or private insurance. You will have no medical bills. An Acorn Adoption caseworker will help birth couples assess their needs and apply for any financial aid that may be available.

Can I send letters or pictures after placement?

Through Acorn Adoption, birth parents may keep in touch with the adoptive family through pictures and letters after placement. Birth parents may even send pictures and letters to the adoptive couple. We ask the adoptive family to send pictures and letters every 3 months for the first year and at agreed upon intervals after the first year.

What about the father’s rights?

The law acknowledges two types of fathers. A legal father is the man the birthmother is married to, although the child may not be the man’s biological child. A biological father is the man who impregnated the birthmother. Both of these fathers have rights which must be terminated. In the event the father is unknown or unwilling to participate in a voluntary surrender, the courts can involuntarily terminate his rights if the individual does not attempt to assert a claim to the paternity of the child. Some adoption cases, involve more than one father.

What if the child wants to find me?

With agency adoptions, the names of the parties involved in the adoption are placed in a central registry. Upon reaching the age of 18, an adopted child may search for birth parents by petitioning the adoption registry. Only if the registry has been petitioned by (you) the birth parents will an exchange of address and telephone numbers occur. If either party wishes not to be contacted, they simply do not petition the registry.

How will the adoption be performed?

Adoption regulations vary by state. The birth couple must have their parental rights terminated. This is done voluntarily or involuntarily. In many states, the birth mother must wait a few days after delivery to sign official surrender documents in order to insure she has made the best decision for her and the child. The father may surrender at any time before or after the birth.

Once a birth mother signs a surrender document, her rights to the child are irrevocably terminated.

After the child has been placed, a period of observation (6 to 12 months) occurs wherein the child lives with and is cared for by the adoptive couple. Once the agency grants approval, the courts may be petitioned for an adoption decree to be granted.

What kind of assistance is available for me?

Acorn Adoption offers assistance in facilitating the adoption between the birth parent or guardian of a child and a prospective adoptive family. The adoptive families are allowed to provide some basic support to offset the costs involved with having a healthy pregnancy. Your caseworker can provide information on assistance pertinent to your case. Acorn Adoption will be happy to answer any questions you may have during your time of need.

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