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Beautiful, stately oak trees populate the southern Louisiana and Mississippi environment. Each mighty oak begins as a small acorn and, with proper care, develops deep roots so that its limbs may reach toward the heavens.

At Acorn Adoption our belief is that “every child deserves the chance to grow strong and tall.” Our hope is that every child’s life will be rooted in love, and our prayer is that every child will be given the chance to flourish.

Acorn Adoption is a Louisiana and Mississippi licensed adoption agency with a compassionate and caring outlook on adoption. Our primary objective is to help you adopt a child and to make the process as comfortable and worry-free as possible.

Birth Parents who come to Acorn Adoption receive counseling from caring, professional pregnancy counselors both before and after birth, at no cost to them. The counseling is focused on decision making -parenting versus adoption, and preparation for the grief experience after
placement. Both birth mothers and fathers are encouraged to participate in counseling. If desired, counseling is available to the families of both birth parents as well. Acorn Adoption also provides a variety of resources available to assist birth parents with housing, medical, and financial needs.

Acorn Adoption works to make the adoption process balanced, individualized and positive for both the birth parents and the adoptive parents. Our focus is on the well-being of the child, and our hope is that the child will be raised in an environment that will enable the child to reach his or her fullest potential. “because every child deserves the chance to grow strong and tall.”



Most of the children are placed as newborns when they are only a few days old. Sometimes we place an older infant or toddler (for example two months to three years of age), but these adoption cases are much less common.



The majority of our birth mothers reside in the New Orleans area; however, Acorn also receives referrals from across southern Louisiana and southern Mississippi.



Acorn works with married couples who have been married a minimum of two years and single individuals, ranging in age from 25 to 50, and of many different religious backgrounds including Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical Christian and Jewish. The minimum age to adopt is 25 years of age. About half of our clients have at least one other child.

Birth parents choose the adoptive parents from “profiles” that are compiled by the adoptive parents. Based on our experience with birth parents, we find that certain family characteristics are more frequently requested by birth parents, such as:

  • Childless couples with medical substantiation of infertility
  • Couples who have previously adopted
  • Couples with a biological child(ren) but who also desire to adopt a child



A home study is a state required report that compiles information such as employment history, medical evaluations, police clearances, child abuse clearances, sociological history, relational history, financial status, and reference letters. The home study also contains the adoption counselor’s written assessment of the adoptive parents. The written assessment, derived from personal interviews, covers autobiographical information, possible infertility issues, marriage stability and parenting styles. Ultimately, the home study reports to the court that a couple has been approved for a specific type of adoption (i.e. a Minority infant, up to six months of age.) The home study must be completed before an adoptive placement can occur.


Mississippi Office: (228) 493-6867   Louisiana Office: (985) 626-3800