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Acorn Adoption seeks to provide information to people interested in adoption so that they can make an informed decision about their choices.


Our Mission

We seek to provide information to help birth parents make a decision about what type of plan is in the best interest of their child. We seek to build individually tailored adoptive case plans. These case plans involve parts required by law and things that Acorn makes it a policy to provide. Above all else, Acorn will work to find the best home for your child.

Company Profile

Acorn Adoption is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is licensed to provide adoption case plans in the States of Louisiana and Mississippi.We offer professional, confidential adoption services to parents considering adoptive placement for their child.

Formed in 1997, Acorn Adoption has provided services to over 120 women considering adoption. There have been no disruptions in the 70 adoptive placements in which Acorn has been involved. Before Acorn will refer a case to an adoptive family, we strive to take into consideration all factors that may potentially interfere with the adoption.

Acorn respects the families who are considering adoption. Services are provided free of pressure and without judgment or prejudice. Birth Parents are encouraged to participate in the selection of the adoptive family. Free counseling is provided to birth parents, and ongoing communication is available after placement.

For Adoptive Families, Acorn strives to limit the potential financial loss. The bulk of the agency’s fees are not required until after the child has been surrendered for adoption. Acorn services start prior to placement and do not stop until all parental rights have been terminated and satisfactory post-placement supervision is accomplished.

It causes pain and joy, uncertainty and satisfaction. Most often it provides a lifetime of happiness and a chance for a child to have a loving and caring home.

Acorn Adoption is currently licensed as a child placing agency in Louisiana & Mississippi. Adoption services are also available through the Department of Social Service of the State of Louisiana, or the applicable authority for other states.

Acorn Adoption provides:

  • Informational and Referral Services
  • Pre-placement Counseling
  • Home Studies
  • Educational Seminars
  • In Service Training
  • Post Placement Supervision
  • Adoption Service Coordination


Mississippi Office: (228) 493-6867   Louisiana Office: (985) 626-3800